Doubt related to difference between Balena Cloud and Open Balena


I saw balena provides 2 versions of the cloud.

One being balenacloud and other being OpenBalena.

Points I came across:

  1. Openbalena is open source while Balenacloud is the paid service provided and managed by the Balena. Openbalena will be configured, maintained, scaled by the developer who wishes to use it.
  2. According to FAQ, I saw BalenaCloud and OpenBalena has some differences like Balenacloud has web-based dashboard and updates with delta updating. Also, Balena cloud has multi-user infrastructure.

Whilst openBalena and balenaCloud share the same core technology, there are some key differences. First, openBalena is self-hosted, whereas balenaCloud is hosted by balena and therefore handles security, maintenance, scaling, and reliability of all the backend services. OpenBalena is also single user, whereas balenaCloud supports multiple users and organizations. OpenBalena also lacks some of the commercial features that define balenaCloud, such as the web-based dashboard and updates with binary container deltas


From the above statement, I didn’t get the whole idea. Because Balenacloud has a lot of other features like for example remote ssh.

Are those feature available on openbalena too?

I wanted to Know the detailed list of features provided by balenacloud.

Also which features will be available on openbalena?


Hello, the paragraph you quote is short but summarises the differences quite nicely. Anything that isn’t mentioned in that list and is part of balenaCloud is also part of openBalena. That also includes features like SSH or host OS updates which are planned for openBalena but we haven’t yet got round to implementing them. Do you have any other feature except SSH in mind that you’d expect to find in openBalena but don’t and isn’t excluded by that paragraph?


Thanks for the response. But I couldn’t find detail list of feature for Balena cloud. I was planning to sign up for Balena cloud. It would be great if you could give me the list of features available on balenacloud and openbalena.


Hello, I don’t think we have a table view that compares the features in open balena and balena cloud available yet, it would be a very nice thing to have though and I forwarded this idea to the team. Without additional knowledge about the use case I don’t think I am able to come up with a better general purpose explanation than our docs Let us know if there is any aspect that you are particularly interested in, so we can hopefully expand on that.


Okay Thanks