Does balena support YAML Extend in docker-compose file?

YAML supports Anchors, References and Extned. I have so far used References, however the rest did not work.

Sample from the link above:

foo: &anchor
  K1: "One"
  K2: "Two"

  <<: *anchor
  K2: "I Changed"
  K3: "Three"

    "foo": {
        "K1": "One",
        "K2": "Two"
    "bar": {
        "K1": "One",
        "K2": "I Changed",
        "K3": "Three"

How can we use YAML Extend inside docker-compose file?

Hello, Yes these features should be supported. Could you share a copy of the docker-compose file you tried?

Hello @srlowe, good to know that it is supported! I’ll retry and upload a sample docker-compose that does not work. Thanks.