docker stats a like

I’m looking for an easy way to see which of my containers takes the most CPU/RAM usage, something like docker stats command, is it possible on the balena host os?

And also, would like to get some tips regarding best practice for HW monitoring.


Once you ssh to the hostOS, you can run the balena stats command to see information like the CPU usage, mem usage, etc per service.
Is that what you are looking for?

Also, I am not sure what you mean by hardware monitoring. Can you please elaborate on that a little?

thanks, balena stats.
regarding hardware monitoring, my wish is to view all the hw parameters such as CPU/Memory/Storage/temperature etc on graphana for example.
my thought was to write a service, and send it to our BE service that handle it all.
But i thought there is something built in the balena os.

i want to read balena stats in a docker and send this information, will that be possible? or record the stats to a log file and send it upon request.

Hi @mellerdaniel, we have written couple of blog posts on setting up Prometheus and Grafana to monitor device’s resource usage. Examples:

With external service Datadog:

Would you like to check these out?

It might speed you up with the setup you are looking for.

thank you! its great!