Disable WiFi Power Management (wireless-power off)

I have been having connection issues with the wifi on my RPi 3. After a while wifi will disconnect and doesn’t reconnect with out a reboot. I wanted to disable the WiFi Power management. Is this possible with a Config Variable or making changes to resin-wifi-01? Thoughts or pointing in right direction will be appreciated.

Hi, we disable the WiFi power management on wlan0 by default, see relevant yocto init. Which version of balenaOs are you currently using? If you are on an older version, you should update and it should work.

Thanks for the response. I think there may be a hardware problem with my Pi. I have switch it to a location where ethernet can be used.

Hi, please note that power management was incorrectly enabled on v2.33.0 and was only disabled again since v2.50.0. You could try with 2.51.1+rev1 which is the current release for the RPi3 to see whether this issue remains.