Disable OTA when only connection is cellular


I am new to using the balena ecosystem and trying to establish a few feasibility points. One of them is whether there is a way to restrict OTA updates to be carried out only when the device has wifi or ethernet connectivity, so as to avoid data usage when the only available connection is over cellular.
Thanks for the help

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Hi team, any idea on this question please?

Hello @Lancelot first of all welcome to the balena community and apologizes for the delay answering this message.

Did you read the release policy? My recommendation is to pin the fleet to a specific release and then maybe automatically when the connectivity moves to WiFi or Ethernet move the pin to track latest as you can read in the docs.

Finally, it’s interesting to explain that balena works with Delta updates. We have implemented a binary delta update process, so we are deploying the minimum amount of change required to get from the previous release to the new one.

Let me know if that works for you!