Device outage after few hours of running


Recently (few last weeks) I started to experience device outage. Container stops running and also device isn’t available remotely from either resin CLI or via the dashboard.

It may only be fixed (temporarily, for few another hours) by:

  • hardly switching power OFF and ON
  • re-burning sd-card with a new identical image

My current configuration is:

My container runs on a RaspPi device. It is a kind of stills survelliance system: motion is detected with a PIR sensor which triggers image capture. Image afterwards is uploaded to the AWS S3 bucket.

I didn’t do any resinOS and/or supervisor updates before the issue started to appear. I did update to the most recent versions afterwards, which unfortunately didn’t resolve the issue.

Any help will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Kazimir!

It sounds like there’s been little to no change to the software and/or configuration before this started happening – is that right?

If so it might be a hardware issue – Any problems with the board, or power could very well lead to such behaviour.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and see some errors in the device logs – unless it’s a power or storage issue of course, but that might be worth looking into.

You could also try to switch out the RaspPi device and use a new SD card to see if that solves the problem