Delta update sizes

Is there a way to determine the size of a delta update? At the end of the git push to the balena servers I see the container size (801MB) but a lot of that didn’t change. Is there a way to determine the size of the delta updates that are then delivered to the device?

Hi there
Currently the process for retrieving the size of a delta update is non trivial.
You have to perform an sdk request (for example via a web console as below):

        resource: 'delta',
        options: {
          $filter: {
            status: 'success',
            version: 2,
            originates_from__image: SRC_ID,
            produces__image: DST_ID

after determining SRC_ID and DST_ID.
The above image ids can be determined by fetching the release you care about and expanding contains__image on it.
Some more info can be found here


Thank you for the info, and @jason10 thank you for asking my exact question!

Is there anything on the roadmap to display the size of the delta? For example, I think it could fit nicely right here:

Perhaps under its own header like “Delta Size” or “Update Size”. It would also be nice to have access to that information when using git push.

A usecase where this could be really beneficial is:

  1. Push the code on the currently deployed production devices to a Balena Application set up for development. Let it build.
  2. Push the new release code that will be pushed to the production Application on the the same Balena Application set up for development.
  3. Compare the image sizes to find out how much data is required for the upcoming update.

@cnr there’s nothing in the roadmap but we have had this on our radar for a while. There’s a long standing ticket on our internal issue tracker about the feature, so I’ve +1’d it on your behalf and linked your comments.