Delta update sizes


Is there a way to determine the size of a delta update? At the end of the git push to the balena servers I see the container size (801MB) but a lot of that didn’t change. Is there a way to determine the size of the delta updates that are then delivered to the device?


Hi there
Currently the process for retrieving the size of a delta update is non trivial.
You have to perform an sdk request (for example via a web console as below):

        resource: 'delta',
        options: {
          $filter: {
            status: 'success',
            version: 2,
            originates_from__image: SRC_ID,
            produces__image: DST_ID

after determining SRC_ID and DST_ID.
The above image ids can be determined by fetching the release you care about and expanding contains__image on it.
Some more info can be found here