deconz on balena

I wish to run deconz on Balena to monitor and control zigbee sensors.

I am using deconz with a Raspbee II device -

There is a deconz docker image available -
I have managed to get the docker image running on balena, but it is unable to see the raspbee device.

I believe the issue is with enabling the serial port hardware.
I am using balena in local mode, which I believe enables the serial port hardware by default.

Has anyone successfully run deconz on balena as part of a multi container application?

Sorted. I wasn’t running the container in privileged mode

Hi @peteretep

Glad to see that your problem is sorted!

Kind regards

spoke too soon - the raspbee device is connecting and disconnecting.
Unsure if it is related to balena, but it works in another setup.

Hi Peter, ‘privileged’ would likely be necessary as you have found when running multiple containers, but, in single-container mode, the container is granted privileged permissions by default. I am not 100% confident this will help, but, it might be worth trying to run just that container, by itself, to see if it behaves any better. Simply to help isolate if it is truly a “privileged” issue you are facing.

Thanks for the reply. Have changed my docker-compose file to just run the deconz container, and I am still experiencing the disconnect.
This is with privileged: true in the docker-compose file.

When I remove the privileged:true it behaves the same, I am still experiencing the disconnect.

It has the same behavior as a multi container docker-compose setup

Hi Peter,

When you say the Raspbee device is connecting and disconnecting, is the deconz service restarting or is the connection to the Raspbee working for a few moments and then not? I noticed in the repo you referenced that the service is looking for a devices: - /dev/ttyUSB0. Is that interface available and usable? It’s likely that if you’re using the Raspbee via GPIO, you’ll need to set ENV UDEV=1 in your Dockerfile to interact with the device via GPIO (and not USB) as in this example.