Custom picture on each device

I have created a UI project, using the 7" Raspberry Pi touch screen, that will be distributed on a lot of Pi’s.
On the screen are a logo on the top. Is it possible to somehow add the logo file without putting it in the image?
I would like to have one image to use on all the devices, an then mange the custom logo otherwise…

Hello, what type of framework is your UI project written in, for instance Electron? Just to clarify, you don’t want to have the logo file in your Docker image that you push to your devices? Can you program your UI to load the logo from an external URL?

Hi @alanb128,
I’m coding in Python…

Correct, I don’t want it in the docker image, so that the main code is easier to maintain.
I could get it from an external URL, and save it… But then I need another place to store them…

@jesper you could create a persistent volume on your device and pull the logo in from a URL and save it there, or even load it into memory. You could include a default logo in your container and have logic to pull a replacement from a particular URL. One example: Python - how to read an image from a URL? - Stack Overflow

I ended up using the solution where I store the image as base64 in an variable. That works great :slight_smile: