Could not find headers building module aws

today I changed from ubuntu xenial to debian stretch on the Intel NUC. And I was trying to build my module with I get this error: (It was working fine before) anyone know why? Thanks

[main]     ./ line 64: /root/.local/bin/aws: No such file or directory
[main]      ---> 456d8e255c11
[main]     Removing intermediate container 803c3d078a8b
[main]     Step 8/42 : RUN ./ intel-nuc '' iTCO_module
[main]      ---> Running in 03d8f616b39d
[main]     Fetching list from servers
[main]     Unable to locate credentials. You can configure credentials by running "aws configure".
[main]     Could not find headers for 'intel-nuc' at version '', run ./ --list
[main]     Removing intermediate container 03d8f616b39d
[main]     The command '/bin/sh -c ./ intel-nuc '' iTCO_module' returned a non-zero code: 1
[Info]     Uploading images

Hi @rquant, what version of the kernel-module-build repo are you using? There were some fixes in v1.0.3 that might be relevant:

I am using the newest build module.
I found it it runs with ubuntu:xenial, but not debian:jessie.