Container logs interface via cli?


How can I access the logs output of a deployment attempt via the cli? Often I push and everything compiles fine so container deploys but something goes wrong in execution of my application. I can see what the problem is via the web interface logs screen but I was wondering if there’s a way to see this via the cli? //Usually I can’t ssh in as the container THEN fails)


Hi @r4space,

Not sure what the official way is but I often SSH the host and then use:

$ balena logs {container name}

This is using the balena-engine which is managing the containers. All log command options are identical to docker logs command. I like this as it allows me to do more complex filtering/searching using grep etc.


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Thank you Chris for the response :slight_smile: This is as official as it gets, as it is provided by our official tool :slight_smile:
As for the build logs - you should be able to capture them from balena push/git push as well, so hopefully you should be able to have access to both build-time and -runtime logs combining the two methods. Let us know if this helps !

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Thanks both of you that’s exactly what I needed, works great! :slight_smile: