Connectivity Check using openBalena?

It’s not clear from the docs if image configured for openBalena has Connectivity check enabled:

Checkin connectivity says:
“By default, NetworkManager is configured to use balenaCloud to perform the check.”

What about if we are using openBalena, should it work with openBalena in that case by default?

We have been testing device connected to openBalena with two wifi connection profiles.

First wifi profile had priority of zero (lower), and second one had connection priority of 1000 (higher).

If the device connected to zero priority connection first, and that router then lost the internet connection (but not the connection to device), we noticed that the device did not change to higher priority connection even if it came available.

We are testing a maintenance scenario where main wifi profile is stuck at broken connection, so we need a way it to reconnect to maintenance wifi profile with higher priority.

This lead me to wonder if the Checking connectivity is enabled for openBalena or not? It didn’t seem to work for us.

Thanks for your answers.

What is the contents of the /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/os-networkmanager.conf file on the testing device?

@majorz It seems to contain right stuff

Okay that probably settles it, the interval is 3600, which means an hour. We certainly didn’t wait for an hour to that to trigger :slight_smile:

root@8d12310:/# cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/os-networkmanager.conf

# This file is generated based on os.networkManager configuration in config.json.

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Thanks! I also found this: that clarifies this.

Great that you could figure it out. Feel free to get back to us if there are any other confusions or you are stuck somewhere, we’re always happy to help. Cheers!