Changing from open fleet to project

I have a question about changing an open fleet to a project.

  • Scenario: I published an open fleet to the hub. After a few people joined the fleet I realize that my instructions reference finding your device IP in the balenaCloud console. I didn’t really think through what joining an open fleet meant, and had no idea that people who join my fleet can’t see the device in their own console. Makes sense now… :slight_smile: So, I’m thinking now that this would really be better as a project.

  • Question: If I add joinable: false to my balena.yml, what happens to the devices that have already joined my fleet. (they have all been disconnected for a while, probably realized they couldn’t see the device and used the Deploy Button)

Cheers! //Sam

I think I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. Nothing bad ever happens when you are impatient and don’t understand what you are doing… right?



I am sure you have already determined the answer by “going for it and seeing what happens” but to answer your question in case anyone else may be wondering too: adding joinable: false to your balena.yml after devices have joined your fleet does not remove the devices from your fleet. They remain in your fleet and it is up to you (the fleet owner) to remove them if that is what you want to happen.