Certificate error on ACTIVE variable

I’ve tried to search on this forum, found something but not able to solve so far…

I have a server running OpenBalena for several months so far.
In the last days, after some reboot I’m getting a weird certificate error while using api.
When executing the compose up command everything is fine:

[1] 6571
Starting openbalena_cert-provider_1 ... done
Starting openbalena_redis_1         ... done
Starting openbalena_db_1            ... done
Starting openbalena_s3_1            ... done
Starting openbalena_registry_1      ... done
Starting openbalena_api_1           ... done
Starting openbalena_vpn_1           ... done
Starting openbalena_haproxy_1       ... done
[1]+  Done                    sudo ./scripts/compose up -d

But the openbalena_cert-provider_1 container says:

[Error] ACTIVE variable is not enabled. Value should be "true" or "yes" to continue.

[Error] Unable to continue due to misconfiguration. See errors above. [Stopping]

I think the things a related, but where is this configuration?
And what could have changed that?
Using balena CLI it seems running ok and responds correctly.
The errors I’m getting are from rest API.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Just a little update.
I’ve checked that in the config/activate file the flag OPENBALENA_ACME_CERT_ENABLED is set to false.
We are using our certificate, not the self signed one.
Since it wasn’t me who set up all this environmente, I guess the flag has been set to false intentionally.
But if that’s the case now I’m not sure how can I get it to work…