Cellular modem firmware update (and reboot) makes my Raspberry Pi3 device go offline until reboot

I have recently updated firmware for 4 out of 5 cellular modems for the devices in my fleet. I do this remotely.

Each time, my devices (Raspberry Pi 3) went offline after the firmware update succeeded, though I am not 100% sure of the exact sequence. Like, I don’t know if the devices lose connectivity right away. I don’t know if the issue is specific to a firmware update, or if any modem reboot would trigger this. But each time, I lose connectivity. The only way to get the device back online is to physically reboot.

I hope to test this further, but would be happy to get any advice on how to diagnose.

This issue has occurred on devices running both:

  • Resin OS 2.9.7+rev1
  • Resin OS 2.12.7+rev1

Image: resin/raspberrypi3-node:6-slim

The modem is a Sierra Wireless Airlink LS300.

Could you use a test machine which is connected to the internet on wired or wireless? In such a case, even if the modem goes down, you could still use the webterminal feature to login in the hostOS and check what exactly went wrong with your modem connection