Can't use "condition: service_healthy" in 'depends_on: directive'

I am consistently running into issues developing on Balena, it is way too far behind Docker directives. I need this in order to use wifi-connect properly, as Balena-Engine basically crashes and is unresponsive unless this starts AFTER the other containers are healthy. Can give more details on this later.

Hi Matthew, thanks for raising this. Indeed condition: fields on depends_on are not yet supported, we initially stuck to supporting only the v2 compose format as v3 introduced a number of directives that rely on swarm, which has been removed from balena-engine. We have however talked about bringing some of the more useful directives into our setup, specifically the ones around HealthCheck and depends_on but I can’t give an ETA on when that will be supported.

I would be interested to know how/why wifi-connect crashes balena-engine if it starts up before the other services. That sounds odd to me.