Can't set custom location

Hi, I’m trying to use setCustomLocation from Node SDK, but I’m getting “Request error: Internal Server Error”. Is this functionality supported on openBalena? I would like to use it to store the location of my devices and show them on a map. For this particular application, I can’t use balenaCloud because there’s no internet access on the devices, it has to be everything on-premise.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @gmerciel,
At the moment open balena doesn’t not have support for device location & custom locations and that’s the reason that the SDK methods are failing.
As a workaround, you can use device tags for associating this extra information with the device.

I would also like to let you know that balena also offers on-premise installations for no-internet-access use cases like the one you described.
Would you be interested having one of our solution engineers to reach you about that?

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot Thodoris. Using device tags as a workaround sounds like a good idea.

About the on-premise offer, it would be great if I could have more information. I could also explain with more details the use case.

Thanks again!

Hi again @gmerciel,
I will give a note to one of our solution engineers and they will reach you about that on your forums email.

Kind regards,