Cannot set a tag value for a device when it was deleted once

Hello. I am having problems with the Python-SDK. Let me first explain what am I doing right now. I am creating a backup file every day of all variables and tags for device. I am currently working on a backup processor script which is taking the values and restoring the devices variables and tags. I found an interesting thing while testing the script. When I deleted a tag and after that I tried to set it back on - it is returning “OK” as it exists and it was updated but it doesn’t exist and it isn’t populated at all. I think, you are caching things up on your end and you are returning this for a faster response. The devices are raspberry pi 3, if that matter.

Guys, I found even bigger problem… When you try to set one tag for a device - it not only updates the given device, it also updates all devices that have the same TAG KEY which is a serious bug… This is valid for the API in overall, as it is doing the same thing… I first experienced few months ago with the node.js SDK but didn’t know that this was the problem, now I am sure as I tested with a test tag for 2 devices and their both values were updated, although, I used it correctly.


I’m investigating the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible