Building an Outdoor Classroom

Hi everyone, I’m building an Outdoor Classroom system as described below.

The outdoor classroom is intended to be a set of distributed but remotely interconnected (Outdoor LCD display + RaspberryPi) units (for example) located in public spaces e.g. public parks.

Primary Use-case:

  • In situations like Covid-19 where social-distancing is required, schools without an established online learning setup can have their teachers and students interact with each other via this system and with other systems at other locations in real-time.

Proposed Features:

  • An interactive classroom, which involves:
    • teacher/student(s) teleconferencing
    • educational media/content/assessment(s) displayed on the outdoor lcd
    • and a mechanism for students to engage with the content.
  • Simultaneous, multi-location, student participation in one or more instructor-led sessions
  • Centrally managed LMS content for consistency in the learning experience

So far, I’m using the following materials to develop the software prototype:

Ideas and questions are welcome.

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