Builder resources (RAM mainly) when building in the cloud

Hi all,

A question came up here. When pushing to a BalenaCloud git repo endpoint and the build is done on an ARM builder what are the default resources available for the build (e.g. RAM). And is there a way to change that?



Hi, we don’t currently have size limits, only time limits, but we’re actively working on adding them and will share more when available.

Thanks - but surely there’s a RAM limit?

Even in terms of RAM we have no hard limits, although we are working on adding this too. Our builders will dynamically allocate as much as is required, of course dependent on what the host system has available at the time.

Yes so that’s what I’m wondering - Pi 4 has 4GB. Can I assume I can build in a 4GB ARM worker at all times? Or what’s the minimum RAM I can assume?

@ajlennon yes you can assume that there will be enough RAM. If we were to see builds failing due to lack of memory then that’s something we can address in our builder architecture.