BUG or some incorrect behaviour of the app?


I am reading, thinking and trying to set up it via the manual, but…

…check it out

At first, I am not sure if this information are right…

also ALL services have release 0.0.0

For example, I have set a new Flightradar24 receiver

after setup cat /etc/fr24feed.ini everything looks ok

but after last step: 24. Restart the fr24feed service under Services by clicking the "cycle" icon next to the service name.

after restart the fr24feed service, the config file is missing

root@xyz123:/# cat /etc/fr24feed.ini
cat: /etc/fr24feed.ini: No such file or directory

Through the CLI I tried this:

>balena fleets
2096625 balena-ads-b name/balena-ads-b raspberrypi4-64 1              1

>balena push balena-ads-b
Error: no "Dockerfile[.*]", "docker-compose.yml" or "package.json" file found in source folder "."

The result? My data sharing on flightradar24 = Offline

Can you help me, please?


Hey at @ollie, welcome to the forums!

Regarding the missing ini file, what is the process in which that file is created? Is it done by hand, or does the service application create the file? I suspect that the /etc directory is not a volume and data is not being persisted. Can you provide a link to the instructions you were following, or the docker-compose you are deploying?

Regarding the current and target release both showing 0.0.0, that’s usually because a version was not set in the balena.yml before pushing a release. It’s nothing to be concerned about and release versions can be added manually via the dashboard if desired.