Boot logo reverted to default after OS-update

Unfortunately, after updating the Balena OS remotely the boot logo is reverted to the default one.
It is important for the brand identity of my company that we have our own logo and it is very inconvenient that it is reverted to the default when updating.

What makes it even worse is that to fix it we have to manually replace the file on each device we update which is cumbersome because there is no file transfer feature. It defeats the purpose of fleet-management to have to fiddle with each machine when updating. The fleet-wide logo feature is also to limited with 10kB file size so it cannot be used. I would need 300 kB.

Please provide a convenient way to set the logo fleet wide that does not come with a size limit.

Hi @olof,

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing. As far as I’m aware, the boot logo should not disappear after a host OS upgrade. If you could provide some information about your situation, that would help us debug this better:

  • OS versions you’re upgrading between
  • Starting & ending Supervisor versions, especially starting version if it’s different than the one that comes with your starting OS version
  • Device type
  • Size of screen that image needs to be displayed on

The de facto limit for PNG file uploads for the splash screen is 10kb. This is a static value, which was made to accommodate all device types and storage sizes. I understand that if you’re running an Intel NUC with a 2K or 4K display, the 10kb limit would be pretty restrictive. However, if the screen size is small enough – would you consider image compression? Thanks!


Also, regarding setting a bunch of configs, perhaps a fleet-wide config variable would suit your needs? See: Configuration variables - Balena Documentation

The screencaps there are currently a bit outdated, but you should find the page under Fleets - <FLEET_NAME> - Configuration - Define the PNG image to be used for the boot splash screen.

Hi @olof, after following up with some colleagues, I’ve found that another reason for the 10kb limit is that the device downloads the boot image every time the target state changes. Whether the target state has changed or not is determined by the Supervisor, and generally the state changes when you’ve pushed an update or changed a service or config var. I’m still curious to learn more about the device though - perhaps we can resolve this bug. Thanks!

Hi @cywang117,

I am sure there is a technical reason behind the current 10kb limit that comes from the specific way you choose to implement this feature. There is also probably a different way to implement the feature that is not limited to 10kb. This would benefit customers that have devices with large screens such as Full HD.