best way to remotely configure devices with YAML files?

Hey community,

I am developing an application that serves as a data logger for several geoscience sensors.
Since I’d like the data logger to be configurable remotely and each sensor will have a slightly different configuration, I was thinking about keeping a YAML configuration file for each sensor in a remote repository, and making the app fetch any change to a specific file and get the new one if necessary.

Is this approach something that might work? What would you suggest instead?

Thank you so much in advance!

@sguzzo based off of what you’ve written here, this seems like a good solution for what you would like to do. What kind of devices are the sensors running on? Are they balena devices or something else?

hey @jmakivic , the devices are RaspberryPi4 running balena os! The fleet is managed by my openBalena instance.

Hey @sguzzo , you can also use environment variables for your fleet/device and manage them via openBalena. However changing the environment variables would restart the device. having said that, your approach looks good to me.


Hello @sguzzo did you succeed developing this? I would like to learn more about your devices and sensors connected. Please do share successes and failures (if any) :slight_smile: