balenaSound multipl DACs

I’m thinking of using BS instead of Mopidy, but I would like to connect multiple DACs to one Pi, so I can control multiple amps/areas from one Pi. I was curious if BS supports multiple DACs per pi, and choosing with DAC to output to?


Right now we don’t support multiple DACs on one single device. What kind of usecase are you looking to solve with this? Are you looking to play the same music on both these DACs?

The ability for one pi to control multiple amps. No I’d like each amp to be separate, like serving multiple spotify connect instances.

This might be somewhat complicated to implement. For example, one would have to figure how to accept bluetooth connections and route them - as this source would have multiple sinks.

Plus this would be hard to debug in a multi room environment as well.

What’s your motivation for this? To save using multiple Raspberry Pis? Or something else?

Hey @jfreak53, this has been requested a few times already here and here, as Anuj commented we don’t support it at the moment and we haven’t made progress in this direction. It’s something we’d love to have though.