I’m very new to this and I apologies for the basic question. How do you change the reporting interval from the default 8 seconds to another value? From the link below, I think it’s something to do with MQTT_PUB_INTERVAL?

Any help greatly appreciated.

I think my release (2.3.1) has this version of the BalenaSense Sense block from May 6, 2021 without the MQTT_PUB_INTERVAL variable

Is it possible to get the latest version?

I was able to change the line 128 in in the Sensor block to:
and line 24 in in the Dashboard block to:

But I think the Influxdb block is still asking the Sensor block to report a reading every 10 seconds?

I followed the end of the guide and used GitHub - balena-io-experimental/simple-sensor: Read sensor data and send via MQTT and that worked a lot better (it has the latest version of the Sensor block)


The Sensor block on balena hub should have the latest version.
Are you using image:<arch> in your docker-compose.yml?

Here are all the sensor blocks:
balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, apps, and blocks for edge devices

No that’s a little too advanced for me at the moment. I set it up by clicking ‘Deploy with balena’ on this beginners guide, thanks for looking into it.