balenaOS AMI not available in Frankfurt

Hi everyone!

A few of our old EC2-based balena instances have died in a non-debuggable way, so I’m trying to replace the setup (which was from 2018) with something according to current best practices. I saw that balenaOS AMIs are available (e.g. in us-east-1), but we do need our instances to run in Frankfurt for a number of reasons. Would it be possible to provide the image also there?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, if you select the AMI in the AWS console (under AMIs, not catalogue), you should be able to right-click and copy it to another region and consume it there:

We are also aware that the latest AMI version is a little out of date and are working on making newer versions available for consumption.

Yes, copying is what I ended up doing; thanks for putting the link here for the next guy. It would have saved me some confusion if the deployment procedure from the blog post worked out of the box, though — my first conclusion was that the blog was outdated and the images had meanwhile been removed again …

Since I don’t know how Amazon is pricing this: how much of an impact would it have for you to make the images available in more places?

AWS limits us by default to five (5) public AMIs: AMI quotas - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

So we have some logic in the publishing workflow to make more recent AMIs public and revert the older ones to private. I suspect that logic isn’t working currently and we stuck on balenaOS v2.1xx as the most recent public image.