balenafin with cellular locks up and goes offline

I put a cellular modem on the v1.1.1 fin and it does work at the beginning fine but after a couple of hours it goes offline and never comes up.

After I go and open my enclosure i see that 3V, 5V LEDS are on and the ACT led is blinking. Only a power reset will make it work again

i am using telit LE910-NA V2 module with a soracom simcard.

as you can see the data activity stopped at 9pm yesterday and it never came back online.
balena log cellular.txt (34.3 KB)
here is the log not from that time because i cant get to it right now.

but over that period of time i push some updates to check how it works downloading updates to the fin and the same behavior was occurring. going offline and never coming back.

the fin has power, and soracom console show the modem ONLINE as if it was connected to the network.

has anyone experience such intermittent issues using cellular connectivity?

Hey there, can you enable persistent logging on the device so we can collect logs after it’s been rebooted? Specifically it would help to have kernel (dmesg) logs from the time when the modem is disconnected.

Can you connect one of those modems to a device that also has wifi or ethernet? It would be helpful to troubleshoot while the device is online.

Also can you share your version of BalenaOS?

let me check if i can get someone to climb the ladder open the enclosure and do a power reset hehe

@klutchell how do i enable persisten logging, trying to find out on the documentation but i could not find it.


Oops, I meant to include instructions. You can enable persistent logging on the device dashboard under Device Configuration.

@klutchell the device just cameback by it self… dont know how lol

but i did enable the persisten logging now…

do i chieck the logs with this command right
dmesg | tail -n 100 ?

persistenlog.txt (36.6 KB)

it shows some errors on the cellular modem… take a look at the file


I’m seeing multiple USB disconnects/reconnects for that modem.
Is this something you did manually, or does it just lose connection by itself?

If it’s something it did by itself, this could indicate a reset of the modem triggered by software software (either explicit, or some kind of watchdog) or possibly a hardware failure (ex. power).

If you can login to HostOS, you may be able to get more logging through journalctl -am --no-pager.

I also remember seeing an article somewhere a while ago dealing with losing cellular connection on a raspberry pi after hours of it working properly; I will see if I can find that article.

Edit: I found this thread on the ModemManager mailing list, but haven’t found the article I was thinking of just yet.

Edit 2: here someone had an issue that was resolved by updating their OS.
This one deals with a ppp configuration that fixes their issue.

Can you share your OS and modem/connection setup/configuration?
This may help in finding the issue.