BalenaCloud device resin_supervisor constantly logs 'Error from the API: 401'

Hi @verigo-tommy

Thanks again for reporting this, I have fixed the devices you provided. Indeed all devices were having the same problem.

I think releases being deleted using the API definitely explains this behavior, which might also point to a different issue on our side. This gives us information to investigate further.

I have definitely deleted some releases using the API, in case that helps explain this.


Thanks for fixing them so quickly! I can confirm that I am not seeing any more API error messages from any of my devices.

I appreciate the heads up. I actually read this warning somewhere before, and have always been careful when removing releases - I have never deleted a release that was running on any device. I’m also pretty sure that the issue started on the original device before I deleted any releases. EDIT: I see you removed this part of your post.

Thanks again for the help!

You caught my ninja edit :). Yeah, I removed that part of the post because, while I’m pretty sure the removed releases are partly to blame here, the supervisor was also reporting out of date state due to some of the issues Miguel mentioned before. So even if you were careful you might still run up with this bug.

Just to gather additional context. Is there a reason you removed the releases? Is it because of a bug or just for cleanup?

Thanks again

Just for cleanup. I had a bunch of very old releases (from when I was just playing around with Balena), and then a more recent (but still old) release that didn’t cleanly correspond with a git commit.

I see, thanks for the information. Please let us know if you need any more help!

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