balenaCloud Desktop App for Mac


EDIT - updated link to release 2.0.0 for added support for SSO thru Google/GitHub + more fixes

Check it out here:

This app was built with:


@wwalker cool project! You might be interested to know I was just trying it out but couldn’t sign in. I use a GitHub login and my security key wasn’t able to do two-factor auth on GitHub using the desktop app, and similarly clicking either of the links to use authentication codes or recovery codes opened a browser so that didn’t work either.


Hey @chrisys! Thanks - I appreciate it!

I’ll look into this issue - I know there are a few links which initiate a URL call to the default OS browser, which can cause issues like the one you’re experiencing. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll try a few fixes.


Here you go! Tested with Google SSO - should work for GitHub as well. Let me know your thoughts!