BalenaCam timeoverlay on video stream


I was looking into adding a timestamp (some time refered to as timeoverlay) in the BalenaCam stream project, any ideas on how to modify or approch this feature.

The idea is that time is overlayed on the video, so we know in the excact time for record keeping, incase we only keep small part of the stream.

@mbalamat would you like to colobrate on this,

Hi @shams3049,

here we get a frame of the camera. CV2 lib has a function cv2.putText() that puts text on a frame.
So you could put datetime as a text on the frame before it is returned.
Also PRs are welcome.

I hope this helps!

@mbalamat Yup, actually that’s what I was looking for. Thanks

I am not able to see any stream though, do you think there is something wroung with my implementation

Hey @shams3049 I added the same changes and it works.