Balena "samba-rsync" Application

I am happy to share my Balena “samba-rsync” Application (github link).

This application consists of a single docker container “samba-rsync
which allows to take backups of windows shares (samba) to an external harddisk using rsync.

For more information I recommend to read the readme :wink:

All comments and feedback are more than welcome. Also feel free to open github issues on my balena-samba-rsync github repository !

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@janvda thanks for sharing your project! I’m sure a lot of people are gonna find this useful :slight_smile:

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@janvda would you consider tagging your GitHub repo with balena and balenacloud? We’re hoping to make it easier for other users to find useful projects like this one :slight_smile:

I am happy to do this.
I have just added balena and balenacloud as topics to my github repository (I also did it for some others as well).

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