Balena preload, error initializing graphdriver: driver not supported

I’m getting errors when I attempt to preload a Balena image from one of my applications. I’m really puzzled by the error message I’m getting. I’ve attached a file with the output.preload.log (3.6 KB)

The issue looks like an error in the Docker container used to preload the image? Any help would be much appreciated.

Some info on my system:
balena-cli: 9.3.0
docker: 18.09.0
macOS: 10.14.1


Hey @ejohnso49, what OS are you running the preloader on and what version of docker are you running. Additionally what device type and balenaOS version are you targeting? This error seems to indicate that your laptop does not support the storage driver the devices OS requires, in most cases this is AUFS.

I see in the release notes for docker MacOS, the just removed support for the AUFS driver: , so I assume that might be the cause.

@zvin do you know if there is a way we can work around this issue? I think in docker MacOS its not possible to install AUFS. It would be terrible if we would have to require users to use docker from a VM or something. This seems problematic now that docker removed AUFS support completely

Is a temporary workaround for me to downgrade my Docker version? Thanks for the quick reply

Yeah that should work, although I remember it being pretty difficult to downgrade or even install older versions :confused:

Good news is that it’s seems like it’s pretty easy to pick up an old release of Docker? At least I had no trouble. First I uninstalled my current Docker installation, then installed version 18.06.1 found here Docker 18.06.1

I’m not sure if this is viable for everyone but for now we’re able to preload again. Thanks for the help!

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