Balena OS update for official (community) images not working

I am running Jetson TX2s on an Aetina N510 carrier board. The carrier board is community supported and pre-build images (if slightly outdated) can be downloaded from the application page.

The application is a N510 application. However, I cannot successfully do a Balena OS update from
Host OS: balenaOS 2.26.0+rev1
Mode: production
Supervisor: 8.0.0

to the newest supported 2.31.2
All I get is a stderr message on the first run and no error message on subsequent runs.
Furthermore, the webUI actually let’s me select the jetson-tx2 board 2.35.0 version, which is not yet released for the n510-tx2 board.

I will for now manually upgrade, but will I be able to do this upgrade remotely in the future?

Hey there! We’re pending a UI deploy that will make it possible for you to manage the updates (hopefully this week). Still, if you are in a hurry, please let us know the device UUIDs and the FleetOps team can handle that for you!

Hi @jviotti,
thanks for the quick reply. I’ve done the manual upgrade. What is the timescale we are looking at?

I might come back to that offer to have FleetOps do that :smile:.

We are hoping to have everything this week, but feel free to re-ping us if you need your help and we don’t have it yet as the week progresses!

Great :smile:

While I have your attention:
Any plans on updating the n510-tx2 image?

We are making steady progress and hope to update them soon! BTW you should also definitely watch this repo: so you get more real-time updates for it if you are not doing so already!

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