Balena Electron setup help

Hello all. Does anyone have any experience setting up the balenaBlocks Electron template? I’ve spent the better part of a few days reading through the ReadMe, the included Dockerfiles, and an old blog post trying to see what I’m missing. My expectation is that the sample should run right out of the box, but the container seems to either fail when including the files in specified docker folder or or errors are throw with the balenablocks/armv7hf-balena-electron-env manifest or when running Electron directly.

Is there a better setup guide to get the sample-app running besides the minimal instructions in the ReadMe, or could someone fill in the gaps in instructions?

Thanks in advance.

Note: I’ve used Docker rarely and have never really been able to understand it. I understand Balena is kind of build on or around the Docker ecosystem.


  • Can you share more details about the error logs, and also what device are you building this on?
  • When running balena push what folder are you running it from?

Thanks for getting back to me. Late last night I figured out what I was doing wrong. I read the instructions wrong, thinking I needed to push the block verses my Electron app. More research into the Belena ecosystem before submitting this should have been my first route.