Audio over HDMI not working on Up Board


We can’t manage to get sound working over HDMI, on Up2 Squared board.
We use a x64 resin Debian stretch image.

On Resin OS 2.12.7+rev1, “HDA Intel PCH” appears as a card, but has 0 playback device.

We also tried to flash Resin OS 2.13.3+rev1, since this release fixes audio over HDMI (

But even “HDA Intel PCH” does not appear, and we don’t have any sound over HDMI.

Do you guys have any ideas why?

Thanks in advance

Hi @sylvainpe, that’s definitely unusual. Can you enable support access to the device, via the device actions tab in the dashboard, and post the dashboard URL for your device here?


Thanks in advance

@sylvainpe Hi, we are looking at this now, but it looks like support access will expire in the next day or two, and we might not have time to fully investigate it by then. Could you extend the support access to at least a week please? Thanks.

Ok ! Thanks