Application Works on RaspberryPi3, but not Intel NUC, Endless Container Restart Loop

The release schedule depends on a lot of things as there are a lot of different hardware to support. When we test a version on one device type and find an issue that would affect all the device types as well, there’s not much point testing all across the now-known-bad release, but to fix the issue and release a version that works. Releasing a version with known issues would be a support nightmare (in the “open” section as well as the Cloud section).

Having said that, we are working on getting actual “nightly” builds made available (but depends on some internal changes that are on the way to the best of my knowledge).

Also, balenaOS is completely open source, so nothing’s stopping anyone from building a release for themselves, based on the code available. For example here’s the relevant Raspberry Pi 3 and Intel NUC repository (or can find it for any device types, on the above linked balenaOS releases page as well, in the repo version column) (note still, that the current repo versions are on the known-bad 2.33.0 version, which is not released, would wait till 2.34.x is incorporated into the different device type repositories).

The custom builds are, for example, described on the balenaOS site: If you find anything amiss there, don’t hesitate to let us know!