API Return Value Different From The API Doc

Hi there,

I am using the latest balena-sdk v10.1.1 python library with python3.6.
When I call the API balena.models.environment_variables.device_service_environment_variable.get_all_by_application(id)

It should return something shown in the API doc:
[{'name': u'device1', u'__metadata': {u'type': u'', u'uri': u'/balena/device_environment_variable(40794)'}, u'value': u'test', u'device': {u'__deferred': {u'uri': u'/balena/device(115792)'}, u'__id': 115792}, u'id': 40794}, {'name': u'BALENA_DEVICE_RESTART', u'__metadata': {u'type': u'', u'uri': u'/balena/device_environment_variable(1524)'}, u'value': u'961506585823372', u'device': {u'__deferred': {u'uri': u'/balena/device(121794)'}, u'__id': 121794}, u'id': 1524}]

reference: Balena Python SDK - Balena Documentation

But I got the result like:
[{'id': #, 'created_at': '2021-04-14T03:28:33.633Z', 'service_install': {'__id': #, '__deferred': {'uri': '/resin/service_install(@id)?@id=#'}}, 'value': 'Test', 'name': 'TEST', '__metadata': {'uri': '/resin/device_service_environment_variable(@id)?@id=#'}}]

I.E. there is no device information for the environment variables. Do you have advice for getting variables information? The get_all API works but then I have to call it for each devices. That will cost a long time if there are many devices.

Thanks for advice!

Any suggestion please?

Hey Jason!

Thanks for getting in touch. Our team is investigating your issue. We started digging in but forgot to let you know we’re looking into it :slight_smile:

Once we have a better idea of what’s going on, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for your prompt reply, looking forward to hearing back from you.