API Create a device service variable FAILS with UNAUTHORIZED

Hi I’m using many of the APIs successfully, but this one ‘Create a device service variable’ fails with Unauthorized.

For the same device I can create a environment variable: ‘Create a device environment variable’, read all it’s service variables, etc. I can also update / PATCH a service variable if existing.

This is my curl:

curl -X POST
-H “Content-Type: application/json”
-H “Authorization: Bearer [api token here]”
–data ‘{
“service_install”: “515211”,
“name”: “left_asset_dimension”,
“value”: “2”

Help appreciated,


Are you using an API token for your user, or the device API key? I would expect that you can add a device_service_environment_variable as you have done, assuming:

  • the API key is for the user who owns the app/device
  • the service_install is for the device/service you’re using
  • the name is unique to the service_install

Could you try adding it via the dashboard to make sure it works there too?

Hi Rich,

I’m using my user API token. I have no problems creating device service variables via dashboard.
Kind regards,


I would confirm the request by looking into the browsers network request history when you add the service env var via the dashboard; you should see a similar request to your cURL one and confirm the values etc. It would be good to see what works and what’s different to your cURL call :+1:

Great idea. So, I see ‘service_install_id’ - I used (service_id obtained from app service vars :sleeping:). The call works now. Many thanks.

awesome - glad it’s sorted :+1: