Alexa Container for BalenaSound

Hey there,

did anyone manage to create a working ALEXA container for balenaSound?
The only thing missing on my Rasp4 is the option to say alexa to play music on a specific speaker over this device.
I know that volumio can do this but only in a subscription plan (NOOOO WAY) :slight_smile:
An alternative is simply drop the balena device and install an echo amp or a sonos speaker with alexa integration. All working fine, having a good sound but naaaaah, where is the DIY factor there? haha

So it would be nice if anyone (maybe the developers) can tell me how to add alexa to my balenasound device.
I have iobroker installed in my network, maybe it can be handled somehow adding this into the game.

Info: I like playing around with tech but I am not a coder and have two left hands :slight_smile:

Shout out to the devs: You guys do an amazing job!

Thanks in advance


…Pretty easy for people who can code and understand that techy stuff -haha-
I can follow a good instruction to make it working but can’t develop this on my own.