Add a big warning to the dashboard if lock override is enabled for a device.

Right now, there is no indication that lock override is enabled for a device other than clicking the addition options drop-down on the device page and noticing that it says “Disable Lock override” instead of “Enable Lock override”. We use the lock file to stop new software updates from restarting customer devices while they’re actively being used (I believe this is one of the primary intended uses). If someone accidentally leaves a lock override enabled after debugging a device, that device will continue to restart unexpectedly for customers every time a new software update is available, leading to a lot of customer confusion and frustration.

As far as I’m aware, lock override is meant for debugging and is not something that should ever be enabled for long periods of time. Would it be possible to add a big warning notice on both the dashboard page for an individual device, and the application page listing all devices, to indicate that the lock override is on (and on which devices)?



Hi Adam - Great suggestion, I agree. I’ve raised an issue on our UI repo, and linked this ticket to it. I can’t give you any indication of timeframes, but just letting you know this is something we will consider and try to improve.

Thank you.