5 inch LCD Kuman



I’m trying to get my LCD display to work, but no luck so far. I’ve used the guide provided by the seller on their amazon page kuman 5 inch resistive touch 800x400. The display worked perfectly with the sellers repo on raspbian OS, but I can’t make it work on resin OS. The functionality is vital I hope you help!


Hi @manohermano

I had a look at the script in the repository you linked.

The first step is to set some parameters in the config.txt file on the device, you can read how to do this in our docs. The parameters you need to add to the end of config.txt are:

hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

Once these have been added and the device reboots you should see the resin logo displayed on the screen. Let’s make sure that works and then we can look at supporting the touch interface and driving the screen from within your app.