windows 10, 83% and timeout

It starts, claims to be doing x% then y% etc etc until 83% then claims the device failed.
Putting the rasbian zip on to a fresh drive using a windows 10 laptop and a usb adapter.
It gets to 83%, pauses for a good while before the fails, hovering gives \.\PhysicalDrive1:ETIMEDOUT: connection timed out, write

Any one have a clue?

Hi there,

Could you please enable the Developer Tools (you should be able to select this from Etcher’s menu system), rerun a flash and paste the output from the ‘Console’ tab into a response here? This will hopefully give us some initial idea of what might be going on.

Thanks and best regards,


Hi there
Thanks for the offer, I only downloaded the etcher app and the settings menu says nothing about a developer tool just a dangerous unsafe mode

Hi, you can also access the Developer Tools of the application on Windows by pressing ctrl + shift + i, then you’ll see the Console tab of the DevTools where you’ll find the application logs.
The ones we’re looking after are when the issue happens