Why is the resinOS image so large?


The file I had to download and put on the SD card was 1.1GB, I’m not certain, but isn’t most of this size just so that you can have multiple partitions and the whole layout in the image?

Is there any chance of providing compressed images? You could just gzip it down to 220MB on my test one, and change the instructions to gunzip -c foo.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0


Hi Justin,

The image is a sparse file and is served with gzip compression by default. Your browser detects this and decompresses on the fly, so while you see you’re downloading 1.1GB, the actual network traffic is equivalent to roughly 300MB (don’t remember exactly from the top of my head).

This is certainly a point of confusion and many users have been wondering about it. We’re currently working on serving ZIP files instead in the near future.


Ah fair enough, that makes it a bit better than.

I can confirm that is working then. On a 100mbps connection I’m getting about 8-50MB/s downloads. Doesn’t seem super consistent speed though.