What this board might be for?

Hey, we just got this laser-cut board in the London office, any guesses what this might be used for :question: Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone? :wink:

@imrehg, I think that’s a board @curcuz designed for micros demos. It has mounting holes for various boards on the top, and space for 3 micros below. I think they’re supposed to be ESP boards of some kind.

Good catch, @jack :slight_smile: Yes, it’s a demo base for the upcoming micro-controllers / dependent devices functionality on resin.io :balloon:

Here’s how the assembled board looks like, with one Samsung ARTIK dev board + 3 BBC micro:bit connected to it over BlueTooth:

The base board has mounting holes for Raspberry Pi 3 as well, and the cut-outs for the cables are super handy. The top cut-out is a handle (duh!), so it can be assembled to be pretty portable as well (depending on power source) :battery:

More on this in the coming times, but feel free to ask any questions! :wink: