Upgrade OpenBalena

I found that OpenBalena is fall behind it’s the sub project, like open-balena-db, open-balena-api and so on.
I really want to upgrade to get the new features. But i don’t know how to do that.
Anybody can help me?

We generally advise against manually bumping the component versions. Is there a specific feature that you need? That said, we’ll have a new major release in a couple of weeks.

I’m happy to receive your reply.
There are lots of features i hope to get.

  • balena ssh(include sshkey management), and i hope to make it use by web.
  • public url solution.
  • device diagnostics.

You can already SSH into devices remotely – see Rich’s post here: HowTo: SSH into host device. None of the other two features are planned for openBalena though.

Your are right, when i make a device, i have to save my sshkey into the tf-card. Install and use proxytunnel to get there. It’s ok for developer. But it’s not well to give somebody to access it. Now i make a server as a client to access it. But i don’t know how to make it on web. I hope to let anybody can access it easy.

And it has a problem, every device i have to save sshkey by manual. I want it can insert by remote.

I see, thanks for the info. We’ll hopefully have the new release out in the next couple of weeks which may be of help.