Unknown filesystem type 'udf'

I have been trying to get a simple application running on my RasPi3 which mounts an iso. During mounting I get this error:

mount: unknown filesystem type ‘udf’

As UDF was not part of /proc/filesystems, I ran modprobe -c | grep udf and could not find any module linked to UDF.

Is there something crucial which I am missing? How do I activate the kernel modules related to UDF?

Hi, what command are you using to mount the iso?

I try to use the mount command to mount the ISO.

mount /path/to/iso /path/to/mount/location

I looked into this further and found that resinOS has previously supported the UDF filesystem, but it was removed to help reduce the size of the OS image.
We have an example project for building kernel modules that you can take a look at here https://github.com/resin-io-playground/kernel-module-build

I will so so later today. Thank you very much!