Tricentis Tosca - Add TestStep Module doesn't include module's controls?

'm pretty new to Tricentis Tosca and I’m working through the Automation Specialist Level 1 training videos, but I ran into a difference between the videos and my local version of Tosca Commander.
In the videos, I see that when a Module is added to a test step (either via drag-and-drop or ctrl-T “Add TestStep” function), the Module and all of it’s contained controls are then added to the test step. In my local Tosca app, if I add a module, for some reason, only the module name gets added and none of its contained controls are added.
What am I missing here? Is there a configuration setting I’m missing or am I selecting the module incorrectly so that it’s child controls are not included? Are the controls not being copied because the Module has attachments (a screenshot)?
I’m sure this is a rookie mistake, so I appreciate any advice here. thanks!

Hi @jagath,

Is Tricentis Tosca the same tool as this: Tricentis Tosca – Accelerate & Automate Continuous Testing | Tricentis? I am not able to see any relation to balena here.

Can you provide a bit more context on how Tricentis Tosca is connected to balena here?