This project is using an old URL.

Several of my RPi are showing this message:

"This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add

They are continuing to run as far as I can tell.

All my rpis are showing that same message, but when I did what they said, detach the project then re-attach, nothing changed.

I checked the config, and my rpi were already using the recommended URL.

I have stopped investigating.

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I think the error/warning is being caused as the URL in the image is http:// and the new/current project url is now https://

I’m running the image, so I can’t remove/re-add the project as I don’t know the user credentials. Will need the Balena team to push out an update AFAIK.
Hope this helps

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we need 2 things
a) a PR to change URL in ACCOUNT* file from http to https
b) git pull | balena push to every node

or some way to auto update every node in the network