The writer process ended unexpectedly. 1.5.51

I was trying to flash manjaro-xfce-18.0.4-stable-x86_64 to my flash drive and that error happened. Windows 10 1903.

hey @Jinxlaw, did the error persist if you retried? Did you manage to flash the image successfully at all, or always got the same issue?

Hi, could you also please paste here the output of the devtools console? You can open it with ctrl + shift + i

Hi thundron,
I also just experienced the same issue. Tried several times. Same response.
I have copied the console info to attached PDF. Sorry it is so large, wasn’t sure how much was important info.
UPDATE. Not only did etcher fail the build the the USB, but also bricked it. Which is likely while it failed on the second attempt, but likely for different reasons. Of note, I did a quick format on the USB before attempting the ISO flash to the USB.
support.pdf (59.0 KB)

It looks like something is locking the drive you’re trying to write to.
I can’t be sure, I just googled for an error -4048 on Windows.
Please check that no other software that may lock the drive is running.

Hi Zvin,
Thank you, will check on this. Prior to using Etcher, I had just performed a Quick Format on the USB drive (FAT32) after cleaning off all previous files. So I am not sure what would have caused it to be locked.

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Can you check if it makes a difference if you complete clear any file-system in the drive, i.e. using something like diskpart clean? (not just re-formatting the drive, but completely clearing down any file-system/format information)

Hi-this same error happened to me, and I solved it by turning off Windows Defender Ransomware Protection in Windows 10 64 Bit. This allowed me to make an image. Also worth checking if you can format the card using Windows Disk Management (could not if Ransomware protection was turned on). It is also possible to adjust RP to allow certain programs through. Just thought I’d mention what worked for me, not sure if this is the same situation.

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Hey @re3315 welcome to the forums - that’s very good of you to share your solution, hopefully it will help others out. Thanks for posting!