TFS dashboard similar to JIRA

I am looking for a way to organise work with our TFS 2015 server. The main goal I would like to achieve is to have a number of reports (almost like Jira does), which could inform me about:

  • Overall user capacity in different project.
  • Work done
  • Work in progress (pretty sure already exist in TFS)
  • Standard reports for management, like hours spent on features, etc.

Additional, but not last at meaning feature I am seeking for is to have user friendly dashboard, like Jira has, with easy way to track work.

Tfs is an application for life cycle management tool but jira is issue tracking tool and most of the features of Tfs like source control, automation building are supported in jira.

where we need to use Bamboo, BitBucket for source control repository.

While Jira from Atlassian is ranked no. 1 in project planning and issue tracking, Microsoft TFS is rated highly in project management.

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